Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (formalised in 1992) consists of up to 30 elected members, together with one postgraduate representative, up to two co-opted members, and representatives of the Historical Association and the Royal Historical Society. The Steering Committee endeavours to represent all sectors of HE (Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Colleges and Institutes of HE).

The current members are as follows (date of election in brackets):


Ex officio:

Economic History Society:

Dr Karin Dannehl (Wolverhampton, 2014): website

ECR representative:

Simon Peplow (Exeter, 2017)

History Lab+ representative:

Sarah Holland (Nottingham)


Elected members (up to 30)

Bill Aird (Edinburgh, 2013): website

Sarah Bastow (Huddersfield, 2013): website

Daniel Grey (Plymouth, 2013): website

Charles Insley (Manchester, 2013): website

Ariel Hessayon (Goldsmiths, 2014): website

Rachel Lock-Lewis (South Wales, 2014): website

Sara Wolfson (Canterbury Christ Church, 2014): website

Martin Johnes (Swansea, 2015): website

Hannah Burrows (Aberdeen, 2016): website

Nandini Chatterjee (Exeter, 2017): website

Manuela Williams (Strathclyde, 2017): website

Stewart McCain (St Mary’s University, London, 2017): website

Adam Morton (Newcastle, 2017): website

Mike Rapport (Glasgow, 2017): website

Euryn Roberts (Bangor, 2017): website

Efram Sera-Shriar (Leeds Trinity, 2017): website

David Stack (Reading, 2017): website

Alex Titov (Queens University Belfast, 2017): website

Charlie Whitham (Edgehill, 2017): website

Adrian Howkins (Bristol, 2018): website

Karen Jones (Kent, 2018): website

Kirsten Brill (Keele, 2018): website


Former SC members:

Rachel Bright (Keele, 2012-2018): website

Kate Hill (Lincoln, 2013-2018): website

Kate Bradley (Kent, 2015-2018): website

Sabine Clarke (York, 2015-2018): website

Juliane Fuerst (Bristol, 2015-2018): website

Sarah Miller-Davenport (Sheffield, 2015-2018): website

Alison Hems (Bath Spa, 2015-2018): website

Ian Talbot (Southampton, 2015-2018): website


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