What is History UK?

The Purpose of HistoryUK

HistoryUK(HE) is an organisation which seeks to defend and promote the study of History in the United Kingdom, confident that this study is of lasting value . It is funded by history departments or their equivalents and the overwhelming majority of departments subscribe. The organisation campaigns on issues of concern to these subscribing departments and the broader history community. It conducts timely surveys on issues of concern. It also seeks to ensure the widespread and equal dissemination of useful information to departments and the broader history community.

HistoryUK Convenors’ Activities: Andrew Dilley

The HistoryUK Convenors represent the organisation and the interests of History in Higher Education through a range of activities. They liaise with other sister organisations (the Royal Historical Society, the Institute for Historical Research, or the Higher Education Academy) on an ad hoc basis and through the regular meetings of the History Subject Association and the History Forum. They also contribute to campaigns on matters of interest to departments.

Since November 2012, the organisation has been active in the campaign to ensure that the Open Access publishing requirements of funding bodies (particularly in the Research Excellence Framework) are compatible with the patterns of scholarship in the discipline, enabling the fruits of historians’ labours to be shared more widely rather than obstructing those labours.

To this end:

HistoryUK has:

· Submitted Evidence to the BIS Committee Enquiry (Feb 2013)

· Submitted a response to HEFCE’s Pre-Consultation on Open Access in the REF (March 2013)

· Submitted a response to HEFCE’s Second Consultation on Incoporating Open Access in the REF. (Oct 2013)

· Conducted two surveys targeted as departments and individuals examining patterns of journal publication amongst historians.