HUK Pedagogy Forum: the Uses (and Abuses) of AI

Wednesday 13 December 2023, 2-3.30pm, Online via Zoom

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is affecting the way in which society interacts whether through work, play or education. As the technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, there are concerns about the role of AI in HE and its implications for pedagogical practice and assessment types. Many institutions are developing responses to AI. The focus is often on the potential use of these tools whether in terms of plagiarism and academic malpractice or for innovative and legitimate uses. Academics in history are also beginning to consider the implications for subject specific practice. This forum will present insights from three historians who have considered the issue of AI from different perspectives. There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion.

Dr Lorna Waddington (University of Leeds) is Academic Integrity Lead and has undertaken research on the use of chatgpt-4 with specific reference to twentieth century history.

Dr Adam Richardson (University of Leeds) is Digital Education Manager and historian of twentieth century Europe.

Dr Jon Chandler (UCL) is interested in the use of technology in higher education and has been part of the AI in education working group at UCL considering its impact on pedagogy.

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