Minutes and papers of the History at the Universities Defence Group (HUDG)

‘At a conference organised by the School of History, University of Birmingham, in conjunction with the Historical Association, on 5-7 April 1982, grave concern was expressed for the future of History as a subject at British Universities. It was decided to form a History at the Universities Defence Group which would work with and through the Historical Association in order: 1) to defend and maintain the scope and quality of the teaching and scholarly study of history in British universities; 2) to monitor the effects of the financial cuts on the viability of History in all its aspects in the various universities, and to bring these effects to the notice of the public and of all relevant responsible bodies.’ (HUDG Press Release, 8 April 1982)

HUDG was an independent committee of representatives from History Departments in British Universities, but maintained close links with the Historical Association.

The minutes and papers of HUDG are archived within Manuscripts and Special Collections at the University of Nottingham. A fuller record can be accessed here.


Archive of responses to consultations:

Response to HEFCE consultation on the future of REF (2017)


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