History UK Pedagogy Forum: Managing Student (Dis) Engagement

History UK Pedagogy Forum

Join us for the second History Pedagogy Forum:

Managing Student (Dis)Engagement (8th March 2023, 2.30 pm – 4:00 pm)

Many colleagues have questions and concerns about student engagement, especially as attendance has dropped steeply in the post-COVID context and in light of the cost-of-living crisis. Here we will consider some of the complex reasons why students are becoming disengaged and discuss a variety of different ways we might encourage and support students to engage with their studies.

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The forum – a series of online events designed to motivate discussions about the teaching of History in British universities – aims to offer opportunities for critical reflection on the ways we teach and function as an accessible space in which a diverse range of educators from across higher education can share insights, experiences, and points of best practice.

While we have some exciting events already scheduled, we are very keen for this to be an open and collaborative endeavour and, as such, warmly welcome ideas and expressions of interest for future events. We are open to different formats (including research papers, reading groups, and roundtables), and are eager to offer a platform to colleagues from a variety of backgrounds, institutions, and career stages.

Please email Dr Sarah Jones (sarah.jones@bristol.ac.uk) and Dr Sarah Holland (sarah.holland@nottingham.ac.uk) with ideas and suggestions.